EAA Best Paper and Presentation awards for young researchers

The EAA will offer six Best Paper and Presentation Awards to young researchers who will present a paper as first author at Euroregio 2016 Conference.


500 €


To be eligible to the Best Paper and Presentation Award the young researcher must:

  1. be no more than 35 years old on 01.04.2016
  2. be the first author of the submitted abstract and full paper
  3. present the paper at the meeting (oral or poster presentation)


A jury nominated by the Board of the European Acoustics Association will select the award winners. The selection will be based upon the quality of both the content of the paper and its presentation. The awards will be announced either at the conference or after the closing of the conference.


All those who wish to participate in the competition for the EAA Best Paper and Presentation Awards must indicate their intention by sending an e-mail, to the General Secretary of EAA: secretary@european-acoustics.net with the subject line: For EAA Best Paper Award before 8 May, 2016.

The following files have to be attached to this e-mail (in pdf format):

  1. birth and citizenship certificate or a passport copy
  2. the full paper that will be presented at Euroregio 2016

For any further explanation please contact: secretary@european-acoustics.net.

The EAA Best Paper and Presentation Awards are sponsored by HEAD Genuit Foundation.