Acousticware Sound of Numbers

Acousticware Sound of Numbers are developers and providers of technology for acoustic engineers. We have created SONarchitect, the software for calculation of acoustic insulation in entire buildings according to EN12354. Our aim is to provide new tools for a better and more efficient work of the acoustic engineers. Acoustic cameras and sound intensity sensors for noise source location, room acoustics and noise mapping software, noise sources and noise monitoring systems, sound level meters and analysers that will improve the productivity and accurancy of the acoustician. We carry the brands Norsonic, Microflown, Odeon and Pemard in Spain and Portugal.

gfai tech GmbH

gfai tech GmbH is an industry-oriented company specialized in the marketing, sales and production of cutting-edge technology. Our offices are located in the Science and Technology Park in Berlin Adlershof, Germany's most modern technology park and a traditional site for academic and non-academic. Founded in 2006 as a subsidiary of the Society for the Advancement of Applied Computer Science (GFaI e.V.), gfai tech provides a platform for the commercialization of industry-relevant R&D findings of GFaI e.V. such as the Acoustic Camera, TOP-Energy, Final Surface and CeramDetect.
gfai tech is dedicated to manufacturing products at the highest engineering standards to add value to our customers’ businesses. Our vision is led by continuous improvement and innovation, ensuring maximum comfort and service for our customers.

BSW GmbH - Manufacturer of a wide product range of elastic materials and their final products

BSW is one of the leading suppliers of products made of polyurethane-bound rubber granulate. Using our material Regupol®, we produce numerous elastic, protective and absorbing products for a variety of applications.
Our product range focuses on the production of elastic sports floorings and insulation products. Our second mainstay comprises the production of foams. We produce the world famous judo mats, BSW Tatami, other sports mats and customised moulded parts in compound foams. We also supply compound foam as a raw material for the manufacturing industry.