Summer School

The EAA Summer School and the Forum for Young Acousticians will be held in the same location as the Congress, namely at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP), on the 11th and 12th of June. The Summer School will be composed of several topic-focused courses, dealing with some of the most actual topics in acoustics. Seven courses, given in English, are expected to occur along the two days (3 full day, 2 half day, and 2 full and half day), covering topics such as:

  • APA - Approaching Acoustics(Full day, June 12 th)
  • ENA - Environmental acoustics and smart cities (Full and half day, June 11 th-12 th)
  • SAVB - Sustainable acoustics and vibrations in buildings (Full and half day, June 11 th-12 th)
  • RMA - Room and Musical acoustics (Full day, June 12 th)
  • 3DVA - 3D virtual acoustics (Half day, June 11 th)
  • NMA - Numerical methods in acoustics (Half day, June 11 th)
The Summer School courses cost:
• € 50 for a half day course
• € 75 for one day course
• € 100 for a one and half day course


The course APA - Approaching Acoustics is FREE for students (excluding PhD students)

Each course will be only held with a minimum of 10 participants. Students, documented as such, who will attend the courses are allowed to attend the EuroRegio 2016 Congress for FREE, except for those registered at course APA. The online registration for all courses will be open until May, 25th. For registration please click here.

Take a look at the Grants section and download the application form! SPA & SEA and ICA will offer travel grants for students.