Program details

The EAA Summer School and the Forum for Young Acousticians will be held on the 11th and 12th of June, 2016. The Summer School will be composed of several topic-focused courses, dealing with some of the most actual topics in acoustics. Seven courses, given in English, are expected to occur along the two days (3 full day, 2 half day, and 2 full and half day), covering topics such as:

  • APA — Approaching Acoustics (Full day, June 12 th) - no registration fee for students (except PhD)
    Lectured by: Cecília Rocha, FEUP, María Machimbarrena, Universidad de Valladolid, José Luis Cueto, Universidad de Cádiz, Jorge Fradique, Instituto Português da Qualidade
    Keywords: Hearing; Effects of noise on people; Insights into environmental and building acoustics;
    Brief overview of room acoustics and sound quality; Acoustic measurements
  • ENA — Environmental acoustics and smart cities (Full and half day, June 11 th-12 th)
    Lectured by: Juan Miguel Navarro, Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia, José Luis Cueto, Universidad de Cádiz, Enrique Nava, Universidad de Málaga
    : Noise map; Annoyance; Urban planning; Noise source; Smart City; Arduino; Raspberry; IoT;
    Sound detection; Sound monitoring
  • SAVB — Sustainable acoustics and vibrations in buildings (Full and half day, June 11 th-12 th)
    Lectured by: María Machimbarrena, Universidad de Valladolid, Rui Calejo, Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto, Miguel Matos Neves, Instituto Superior Técnico, Elena Prokofieva, Edinburgh Napier University
    Keywords: Sound and vibration propagation in buildings; Wave transmission through joints of walls; Sound and vibration isolation; Sustainable materials: cork composites; Acoustics, energy and structure technical compatibility; Robust details and workmanship effects; SNQs and low frequency; Acoustic classification scheme for buildings
  • RMA — Room and musical acoustics (Full day, June 12 th)
    Lectured by: José Antunes, Instituto Superior Técnico, Vincent Debut, Universidade Nova de Lisboa,Ocátivo Inácio, Instituto Politécnico do Porto
    Keywords: Musical instruments; Physical-based modelling; Sound synthesis; Numerical simulation;
    Nonlinear dynamics; System optimization; Acoustical parameters; Room acoustics; Concert halls
  • 3DVA — 3D virtual acoustics (Half day, June 11 th)
    Lectured by: Michael Vorlander, RWTH Aachen University, Diogo Alarcão, Instituto Superior Técnico
    Keywords: Geometrical acoustics; Indoor and outdoor sound simulation; Auralization;
    Real time signal processing; Binaural and multi-channel sound rendering
  • NMA — Numerical methods in acoustics (Half day, June 11 th)
    Lectured by: Steffen Marburg, Technische Universität München, Maarten Hornikx, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
    Keywords: FEM and BEM in frequency domain; Volume-discretization time-domain methods (FDTD, PSTD, FVTD and DGTD)
  • SPMSound propagation in special media (full day)
    Lectured by: Michael Taroudakis, Victor Espinosa
    Keywords: Underwater acoustics; Sound propagation in the sea; Inverse problems in acoustical oceanography; Ocean
    Acoustic tomography; Sea-bed reconstruction; Fisheries acoustics and other applications of underwater acoustics


The Summer School courses will take place according to the timetable

  Day 1—Sat, 11th June Day 2—Sun, 12th June
Room S1
Room S2
Room S3
Room S4
Room S1
Room S2
Room S3
Room S4

Morning sessions: 9h00-10h45 - coffee break - 11h15-13h00;
Afternoon sessions: 14h30-16h15 - coffee break - 16h45-18h30

This EAA Summer School is a part of EuroRegio Conference, which is a triennial international convention. The EuroRegio2016 is organized by the Portuguese and Spanish Acoustical Societies (SPA & SEA) on behalf of the European Acoustics Association (EAA). It is a congress comprising a variety of different activities: Papers, Invited Speakers, Lectures, and Technical presentation of Products and Services.

EAA Summer School Organizing Committee
María Machimbarrena and Rui Calejo Rodrigues (Co-Chairs)
Cristina Zamorano (YAN Chair)
Michael Vorlander (Scientific Advisor)
Paulo Amado Mendes (Executive Manager)

Costs and Registration
The following fees will be charged for the EAA Summer School courses:

  • € 50 for a half day course
  • € 75 for a full day course
  • € 100 for a full and half day course
    The course APA—Approaching Acoustics is FREE for students (excluding PhD students).

Attendance to the EAA Summer School Courses will also allow students, documented as such, to also attend the EuroRegio 2016 Congress for FREE, except for those registered at course APA. Each course will be only held with a minimum of 10 participants.

Travel Grants sponsored by the Portuguese and Spanish Acoustical Societies (SPA & SEA) and by the International Commission for Acoustics (ICA) will be offered for students. Take a look at the Grants section on the Congress webpage and download the application form. Apply before April 15th 2016!

The online Registration for all courses will be made through the Congress Registration webpage.

Optative Exams and ECTS credits
Optative Exams will be provided (on the afternoon of the 13th June) and Certificates for recommended ECTS credits will be given in case of success:

  • 0.5 ECTS for a half day course / 1 ECTS for a full day course / 1.5 ECTS for a full and half day course

The EAA Summer School will be hosted in the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP), in the city of Porto, Portugal. The Faculty presents modern buildings and infrastructures, inaugurated in 2001. Several engineering courses are taught in FEUP, such as Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Environmental Engineering.

For accommodation, a listing of hotels could be accessible through the Congress webpage (Hotels detailled information)

Porto also offers several solutions for low-cost accommodation, which ones will be easily accessible through the well-know sites for bookings.