Prof. Guillermo Rus
University of Granada, Dpt. Structural Mechanics + Ultrasonics Lab + Excellence Research Unit MNat + Biomedical Research Institute ibs. Politécnico de Fuentenueva, Granada, Spain

Guillermo Rus [Professor] is the Head and founder of the Ultrasonics Lab at University of Granada, Spain. He specialized in ultrasonics as a Fulbright Postdoc at MIT, and later as visiting scientist at UCL (UK), NASA (US), Paris 6 (FR), Linköping IT, Chalmers (SE) and TUHH (DE). He actively collaborates with Caltech, Boston University, Rochester IT (US), Kings College, UCL (UK) and Karolinska (SE). He has authored 100+ JCR publications (80% Q1, 1900+ cites, h-index 20), 20+ invited seminars, and reviews/edits 60+ journals. His career has been awarded by the Prognosis Health Management Society (2014), UGR (2001), Juan Carlos Simó (2007), and Wessex Institute of Technology (2005).