EAA Symposium

"Current Trends on Ocean Sound and Impacts on Marine Biodiversity"

23 oct 10.00am - 2020 - Room 1


The European Union classifies anthropogenic noise as one of the ocean pollution agents. This is so because, according to some authors, sound accounts for over 80% of the life support sensing and community interactions of many marine species. In order to determine the impact of man made global sound level increase in the ocean, it is important to first, characterize specie and habitat specific sound production and sound sensing, second, characterize man made noise sources radiated power distribution in time and space, third, determine how sound propagates from noise sources to the habitat and, finally, noise impact on each particular specie, with potential threats to marine biodiversity.

At the marine science forefront, the Portuguese Acoustical Society in cooperation with the University of Algarve organizes this symposium aiming at updating current knowledge on this multidisciplinary field mixing marine biology, ocean science and sound. Contributions are invited for debating last findings in an informal gathering during the Acustica2020 Congress.

Language: English


  Before July 5th, 2020 After July 5th, 2020
Normal Registration 35€ 40€
Students 15€ 20€

The registration for the Symposium is strictly addressed for this event. If the participants want to attend all the Congress they must pay the remaining amount for a normal fee, exception made to students.