Scientific program

The technical program of this Congress will cover the main topics of acoustics, including the classical themes and the most recently developed areas. General Sessions (GS) will be held on relevant acoustics topics (some topics may be merged depending on the number of papers submitted). In addition, Structures Sessions (SS) will be organized by prominent researchers, covering additional and more specific topics. Below, the complete list of sessions is included.

General Sessions

GS1: Acoustical Metrology
GS2: Active Noise and Vibration Control
GS3: Aeroacoustics
GS4: Aircraft Noise Modelling and Control
GS5: Animal and Bioacoustics
GS6: Auralisation
GS7: Community Noise
GS8: Costs and Benefits of Noise Control
GS9: Effects of Sound and Vibration on Humans
GS10: Environmental Noise Exposure
GS11: Hearing Protectors
GS12: Infrasound
GS13: Instrumentation and Standards
GS14: Legislation and Noise Control Policies
GS15: Musical Acoustics
GS16: Noise Control Materials
GS17: Noise Propagation in Ducts and Pipes
GS18: Non-linear Acoustics
GS19: Numerical and Computational Techniques
GS20: Psychological and Physiological Acoustics
GS21: Room and Building Acoustics
GS22: Signal Processing and Analysis
GS23: Smart Cities and Environmental Acoustics
GS24: Soundscape
GS25: Sound Quality
GS26: Speech and Sleep Disturbance
GS27: Transportation Noise
GS28: Tyre, Road and Rail Noise
GS29: Ultrasonics
GS30: Underwater Acoustics
GS31: Vibroacoustics, Isolation and Damping

Structured Sessions

SS1: Soundscape intervention
     (Org.: Brigitte Schulte-Fortkamp, André Fiebig)
SS2: Acoustics of the lockdown
     (Org.: Susanne Moebus, César Asensio)
SS3: Urban Sound Environment
     (Org.: Arnaud Can, Papatya Nur Dokmeci Yorukoglu)
SS4: Low-cost sensor networks for noise monitoring and advanced characterization of urban sound environments
     (Org.: Judicaël Picaut, Arnaud Can)
SS5: Open-Plan Offices
     (Org.: Valtteri Hongisto, Manuj Yadav)
SS6: Scattering control by sound diffusers and metamaterials
     (Org.: Noé Jimenez, Eric Ballestero, Vicent Romero-García)
SS7: Acoustic metamaterials
     (Org.: Marco Miniaci, Jean-Philippe Groby)
SS8: Computational methods for acoustic materials
     (Org.: Vicente Cutanda- Henriquez, Gwénaël Gabar)
SS9: Measurement of sound absorption
     (Org.: Melanie Nolan, Peter d’Antonio, Ning Xiang)
SS10: Exp. and num. approaches for the characterisation of (building) struct. and mats
     (Org.: Andrea Santoni, Patrizio Fausti)
SS11: Sound insulation of timber building
     (Org.: Federica Morandi, Christian Simmons)
SS12: Development and application of EN ISO 12354 to national building techniques
     (Org.: Antonino Di Bella, Luca Barbaresi)
SS13: BIM in acoustics
     (Org.: Teresa Carrascal, Tony Lethuillier, Giovanni Semprini)

SS15: Acoustic regulations, enforcement and classification for new and retrofitted buildings
     (Org.: Birgit Rasmussen, María Machimbarrena, Carolina Monteiro)
SS16: Characterisation of structure-borne sound sources
     (Org.: Fabian Schöpfer, Jeffrey Mahn)
SS17: Prediction of airborne and impact sound insulation
     (Org.: Stefan Schoenwald, Jeffrey Mahn)
SS18: Ground-borne noise in buildings
     (Org.: Catherine Guigou, Arnold Koopmann)
SS19: Objective and perceptual evaluation of sound fields in indoor and outdoor spaces
     (Org.: Louena Shtrepi, Nicola Prodi)
SS20: Parametric modelling and room acoustic simulation
     (Org.: Brady Peters, Arthur van der Harten)
SS21: Acoustic environments for children: design and effects on listening and learning
     (Org.: Chiara Visentin, Giuseppina Emma Puglisi, Arianna Astolfi)
SS22: Room acoustic effect on voice and instruments
     (Org.: Manuj Yadav, Densil Cabrera)
SS23: Session for master students of architecture and civil engineering presenting their thesis work
     (Org.: Monika Rychtarikova, Vojtech Chmelik, Yannick Sluyts)