Portuguese and Spanish Acoustical Societies and Iberian Federation of Acoustics South American Scientist Conference
Attendance Grants for INTER-NOISE 2010


The Board of the Portuguese Acoustical Society (SPA) and of Spanish Acoustical Society (SEA) has approved 15 FIA Scientists Conference Attendance Grants (FIA Grants) to assist scientists/engineers, from FIA South American Member Societies, in attending the 39th International Congress on Noise Control Engineering (INTER-NOISE 2010) to be held in Lisbon, Portugal, June 13 - 16, 2010.

The FIA Grant will permit those beneficiating with the Grant to register for the congress with 40% discount. The notification of the award of the FIA Grant may be used to assist with obtaining additional funding from other sources.

Applications will be assessed by the FIA Grants Committee Jury. Notification will be provided to successful applicants by 2010 February 15th along with their complimentary registration identification number. The awardees/applicants will need to complete registration, comply with the deadlines for submission of the abstract and the manuscript as described at IN 2010 website, and participate in the congress.

Attention: The grant application is not a formal conference registration!

Before 2010 January 31st, candidates should submit the completed application form by e-mail to the Chairperson of the FIA Grants Committee; see below for the contact information. Note that this form requires an indication of support from a scientific officer of the candidate’s local acoustical society ( details of the FIA South American Member Societies can be found in the FIA homepage: http://www.fia.ufsc.br / ).

The form requires an abstract of the paper (maximum of 200 words) that the applicant will submit to IN 2010 plus one page of theory/experiments/results/conclusions. A copy of the applicant’s identity card or passport must also be submitted.

Notification of FIA Grants will be e- mailed to successful applicants by February 15th .


Note that all candidates must submit their abstracts and full paper manuscripts in the same way as other authors, and must follow regulations and comply with the following deadlines of the Congress:

      • Abstract Submission: 2010 January 31st

      • Full Paper Manuscript: 2010 April 1st

      • Registration for the Authors: 2010 May 1st

      • Early Registration: 2010 March 1st

Chair of the FIA Grants Committee (Prof. Octávio Inácio)

E-mail address: <OctavioInacio@ESMAE-IPP.PT>

Subject: FIA Grants for INTER-NOISE 2010

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