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Invitation to INTER-NOISE 2010 delegates Detailed program (in pdf)


A third forum of the International Council of the Academies of Engineering and Technological Sciences (CAETS) will be held on 2010 June 14-16 in Lisbon during INTER-NOISE 2010. The forum will be sponsored by the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA), the Royal Academy of Engineering (UK), and the National Academy of Engineering (US). This forum will be a follow-up to the 2009 August forum in Ottawa to assess the technology available today and what future technology is needed to reduce the noise emissions of manufactured products at the source.

The CAETS Lisbon forum will consist of four sessions and will cover the following topics:

  • Session 1: China’s challenging design requirements for low-noise products
  • Session 2: The worldwide Green Agenda and product noise
  • Session 3: Technology and public demands for a quieter world
  • Session 4: Action on the CAETS noise control technology assessment

Session 1 of the forum will be devoted to the Chinese program at the national level to regulate the noise emissions of the principal products responsible for creating high levels of noise in exterior and interior spaces. The designs to produce low-noise products, the applicable standards and test codes, and the enforcement of requirements on these products will be considered.

Session 2 will be devoted to the Green Agenda. Noise is a constraining factor in the sustainable development of the world’s urban areas. The UN’s Director of the Division for Sustainable Development has concluded that: “Environmental pollutants... include such factors as ambient and indoor air pollution, water pollution, inadequate waste management, noise, pesticides, and radiation.” The UN statement summarizes aspects of the world situation that are the basis of the Green Agenda’s demand for environmentally sustainable development. Steps to include the global noise issue on the worldwide Green Agenda will be considered.

Session 3 will focus on how to inform the public on what can and cannot be done to quiet noise at its source. Noise control technology is available now to satisfy many public demands for a quieter world. The public is generally not aware of what noise control technology can do and cannot do. The distinction between noises that are generated by humans or are under human (man’s) control and those that are generated by products, machinery and equipment is blurred in the mind of the public.

The focus of Session 4 will be an assessment of the technologies available and needed in the future to reduce the emissions of the world’s dominant noise sources and how this new assemblage of information can be translated into action on the part of governments, manufacturers, and other interested parties. This assessment will be prepared for presentation to the CAETS Council as the CAETS academies have a significant role to play to bring noise control technology to the attention of the world’s policymakers.

The forum will open at 1:30 pm on Monday, June 14, will convene all day Tuesday, and wrap-up at noon on Wednesday. As a registered INTER-NOISE delegate you are warmly invited to participate in this important forum on worldwide noise sources.

We look forward to seeing you.
Tor Kihlman, Co-chair, and Bill Lang, Forum Secretary

Title Date
3rd CAETS Forum "Technology for a Quieter World."  
Session 1 Monday afternoon, June 14 (Room 1.09)
Sessions 2 and 3 all day Tuesday, June 15 (Room 1.09)
Session 4 Wednesday morning, June 16
(Room 1.09)