Call for papers


Papers related to the technical areas listed above are especially welcome for presentation at the INTER-NOISE 2010 Congress, but technical papers in all areas of noise and vibration control may be submitted for inclusion in the technical program. Abstracts must be submitted in the format described in this announcement. The deadline for the receipt of the abstract is January, 15th, 2010.

Notification of the paper's acceptance will be sent to authors on March, 1st, 2010.

Manuscripts for publication in the conference proceedings are due on April, 1st, 2010.


Paper Submission Manuscript Template (Word format)


Structured Sessions:

SS01 - Concert Halls, Theaters and Opera Houses
SS02 - Musical Acoustics
SS03 - Lightweight Partitions and Systems
SS04 - Measurements in Room and Building Acoustics
SS05 - Noise in Healthcare Facilities
SS06 - Sustainable Quiet Buildings
SS07 - Acoustic Comfort in Buildings
SS08 - Classroom Acoustics
SS09 - Public Space Acoustics for Safety
SS10 - Building Acoustics Properties and Comfort Classes
SS11 - Floor Impact Noise Evaluation and Control
SS12 - Computational Techniques in Room and Building Acoustics
SS13 - Noise from Renewable Energy Technologies
SS14 - Noise Problems and Solutions in Developing and in Transition Countries
SS15 - Recreational Noise
SS16 - Urban Sound Propagation and Evaluation
SS17 - Urban Noise and its Control
SS18 - Noise Annoyance
SS19 - Noise Mapping. Precision and Uncertainty
SS20 - Metrics for Environmental Noise
SS21 - Outdoor Sound Propagation in Living Environment
SS22 - Environmental Noise (Policy, Standards, Problemens and Approaches)
SS23 - Community Noise Maps and Action Plans
SS24 - Soundscape-Metrics
SS25 - Soundscape and its Applications
SS26 - Action Plans of Urban Areas: Strategies and Experiences
SS27 - Psychological Effects of Noise
SS28 - Psychoacoustics and Sound Quality
SS29 - Speech Privacy
SS30 - Product Sound Auralization
SS31 - Community Response and Exposure Criteria in Environmental Situations
SS32 - Occupational Noise
SS33 - Physiological Health Effects from Environmental Noise Exposure
SS34 - Transportation Noise (Air, Road, Rail, Marine Vehicles)
SS35 - Speech Communication in Road Vehicles
SS36 - Tyre/Road Noise
SS37 - Underground Noise Control
SS38 - Noise Barriers
SS39 - Sonic Crystal Noise Barriers
SS40 - Diffraction Reducing Devices on Noise Barrier Top
SS41 - Aeroacoustics and Fan Noise
SS42 - Aircraft Interior Noise and Related Technology
SS43 - Aircraft Noise Characterization
SS44 - Aircraft Noise Modelling and Control
SS45 - Speech and Sleep Disturbance
SS46 - Community Noise around Airports
SS47 - Airport Noise (special session X-noise)
SS48 - Measurements of Surface Properties
SS49 - Vibration Isolation and Damping
SS50 - Environmental Vibration and its Impacts on Buildings and People
SS51 - Noise from Information Technology Equipment
SS52 - Active Noise and Vibration Control
SS53 - Noise Control Materials
SS54 - Sound Insulation at Low Frequency
SS55 - Ducts and Mufflers
SS56 - Hearing Protectors
SS57 - Industrial Noise and Noise at Work
SS58 - Instrumentation and Standards
SS59 - Sound Power Measurements and Analysis
SS60 - Acoustical Metrology (Instruments, Measurements, Standards, Uncertainty)
SS61 - Acoustical Holography, Imaging and Beam Forming
SS62 - Signal Processing and Analysis
SS63 - Numerical Techniques (FEM, BEM, IFEM, SEA)
SS64 - Economics of Noise for Sustainability
SS65 - Legislation and Noise Control Policies
SS66 - Assessment and Strategies for Managing Noise
SS67 - Noise Control Engineering Education
SS68 - Bioacoustics
SS69 - Underwater Acoustics
SS70 - Ultrasound
SS71 - New Directions in Noise and Health Research
SS72 - General Acoustics and Vibration
SS73 - Non linear Dynamics of Acoustic Resonators
SS74 - Acoustic and Thermal Interactions for Energy Efficient Buildings
SS75 - Vibro-Acoustic Performance of Structures and Vehicles
SS76 - Characterization of Structure-borne Sound Sources
SS77 - Low Frequency and Airport Ground Noise
SS78 - Asphalt Rubber Pavements - Noise and Sustainability
SS79 - Acoustic Longevity of Pavements