FCTP meeting





Wednesday, 2010 June 16

2.20-4.20pm (14:20 to 16:20)

Lisbon International Congress Centre, Room 1.09

Technical Programs for:
INTER-NOISE 2011, Osaka, Japan (2011 September 4-7)
web site: http://www.internoise2011.com
INTER-NOISE 2012, New York (2012 August 12-15)
web site: www.internoise2012.com

FCTP Meeting Agenda (Raj Singh and Kohei Yamamoto, Co-Chairs)

Overview and introduction of participants INTER-NOISE 2010 and 2009 experience.

INTER-NOISE 2011 technical program, current plans and needs Q & A session, suggestions from the floor, and open discussion Summary of the discussion and action items.

INTER-NOISE 2012 technical program technical program, current plans and needs Suggestions from the floor, and open discussion.

Closing remarks and adjourn Off-line and informal discussions.

Attendees will be asked to provide their contact information (email addresses) and suggestions for technical sessions for IN 2011, IN2012 and beyond.

Key Contacts for INTER-NOISE Congresses

INTER-NOISE 2010 Jorge Patricio: jpatricio@lnec.pt
Sonia Antunes: santunes@lnec.pt

INTER-NOISE 2011 Ichiro Yamada: i-yamada@center.aeif.or.jp
Kohei Yamamoto: yamamoto@kobayasi-riken.or.jp


Stephen A. Hambric: sah19@arl.psu.edu
Stephen Conlon: scc135@arl.psu.edu


Raj Singh: singh.3@osu.edu