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Lying on the mouth of the river Tagus, Lisbon (or Lisboa, to its natives) smiles to the arriving visitors from the top of its gleaming red roofs. At this time of year (June), the light of Lisbon is the first thing one notices when flying in. The either white or brightly colored buildings reflect the sunlight, that, by then, should intensely warm up Portugal’s capital. With average temperatures rising well above the 20 oC mark, June is the perfect time to visit this bustling metropolis. By day or by night, there will always be monuments, historical landmarks, shopping centers, cultural sites or open-air locations to be enjoyed.

Just walking through town, the tourist will be able to enjoy the festive atmosphere Lisbon lives throughout June. This month, the capital has its municipal festivities that celebrate the patron Saint of Lisbon, St. Anthony. This festive momentum lends itself to the whole of June, when the typical old Lisbon boroughs gown themselves proudly with colorful ornaments in their squares and windowsills.

Spread over seven hills, Lisbon boasts over 2000 years of History, witnessed by many monuments and historical sites well-worth exploring. From Roman town to capital of the Discoveries, evidence of this rich historical background is there to be explored.

Lisbon is also an exciting cultural city, offering an array of events from museums, to theatres, to music festivals catering for all tastes. This month, Lisbon also hosts its annual Book Fair (Feira do Livro).

And as if all of this wasn’t enough, Lisbon is complemented by the coast of Estoril to the west and the ethereal Sintra hovering over the Atlantic coast. The Estoril coast runs for miles through beautiful beaches and luscious golf-courses, culminating on the lovely and quaint fisherman’s village of Cascais. Sintra’s lush mountains have concealed and protected its mystical town for centuries. From Gothic esoteric and spiritual centre to Romantic haven for the monarchs, Sintra will charm the most cosmopolitan visitor.

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